Brecker Brothers


The Brecker Brothers have had a profound impact on a great range of modern music. Trumpeter Randy and saxophonist Michael were virtuoso instrumentalists, but they also made music that drove jazz, pop, rock, soul and blues in new directions. Both men topped lists of ‘most wanted’ session musicians, and by their presence as sidemen on great numbers of albums, their style of music permeated the industry. However, it was their 1970s work as leaders of the ground-breaking band, The Brecker Brothers, that helped drive the engine of jazz-rock-soul fusions and contribute significantly to the way we hear music today. This book is as much about the amazing contributions made by a community of brilliant session musicians as it is about cutting-edge work by disciples of Miles and Trane. Musicians such as Steve Gadd, David Sanborn, Don Grolnick, Will Lee, Steve Khan and Peter Erskine are just some of the many musicians who appear throughout this study. The full story of the Brecker Brothers’ contributions to music is told here for the first time through a detailed study of their recorded works. Listeners will be guided through a selection of Brecker recordings, whilst fans of LPs and CDs will find rich rewards amongst the comprehensive discography.