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The Lighthouses of Cornwall & Devon


The Lighthouses of Cornwall & Devon - A Narrative
By Ken Trethewey
Foreword by Pete Goss MBE

475 full colour pages in a glorious hardback coffee table edition

Pharologist Ken Trethewey took his first lighthouse photograph at the age of ten and over the past sixty years has compiled a wonderful portfolio recording the many changes that have occurred in lighthouse technology. In a period that has seen the end of the great tradition of lighthouse keepers and the introduction of automation, satellite navigation and LED lighting, there have been great pressures placed upon the guardians of our lighthouse heritage. Many lights have been taken out of service, or just closed to the public. Gone are the days when families enjoyed the atmosphere and the challenge of living and working in lighthouses, and when casual visitors would be welcomed inside to climb the tower and see the wonderful equipment installed there. The tall stories of lighthouse life are in danger of being lost.

This book captures a detailed snapshot of the world of lighthouses in 2020 as Ken, now 70 years old, completes a superbly detailed narrative of his lifetime of encounters with the lighthouses of the region where he was born and brought up.